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Portland JACL Newsletter: October 2010 Issue
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Co-President’s Message
by Jim Kennedy

Check Out the New Website

It’s been another busy summer for Portland JACL and our community but I’m excited about October. This is a big month for Portland JACL because we are launching our new website and hopefully improving the way we communicate. Last month we introduced the updated newsletter and hopefully you found it to be just as informative as ever and easier to read. The newsletter has long been the cornerstone of news for community issues and events and our new editor Michael Yamamoto is committed to uphold that tradition. In an all out effort to update and improve our communications, we have also updated our website as the next step and new direction for the Portland JACL community. In addition to delivering community news as with the newsletter, the goal of the new website is to create a forum for community dialog in which you can add your thoughts and information to the mix.

We hope you will find the new website informative, easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. Eventually we hope it will become your primary source of information for community events and activities. With that in mind we have a dedicated page for event notifications and reflections. We also added an easy to access event calendar to keep you abreast of upcoming activities. Similarly there is a dedicated page for news concerning the community and civil rights in keeping with the newsletter tradition. You will also be able to download past issues of the newsletter.

We are also proud to provide dedicated space for Unite People to keep us all up to date with youth activities and plans. Unite People are without question the best JACL youth group in the country and it’s about time they had a voice. In fact, it’s fine time that any of our members have the opportunity to reach the community at large. With that in mind, the new website contains a blog in which anyone can contribute news or thoughts pertinent to the community. This is a game changer that transforms the website from being an alternative newsletter to being a vehicle for community conversation.

In my time working with the Portland JACL board I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to meet with members at the various community events. It’s fun to go to the events and comforting to see familiar faces. However, events are filled with activities and we rarely find time to talk about issues that concern us. Further, good conversational topics can pop up and fade away before we have the opportunity to talk at a gathering. I hope the website can serve as a means to talk about issues that concern us as they happen and while passions run high.

So, like I said, it’s a big month for Portland JACL and we are excited. We’re excited excited. We’re excited about the new website and about the opportunity to better provide information to our members, about giving Unite People a voice, and for the potential community dialog. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank former Chapter President Scott Sakamoto and Ronin Studios for developing the new website and giving us the ability to better communicate.

So please go to: www.henrysakamotofamily.com/2JACL/ to check out the website, find the blog and let us know what you think.

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