Individual – $65 per year
Regular sustained members of the organization.

Students & Youth – $30 per year
Members who are 25 years or younger or who are currently enrolled in a college, trade school, or university at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

Couple & Family – $110 per year
Spouses or partners (and children) residing in the same household.

1000 Club & Century Club – $200-$350 per year
An exclusive membership category whose members make larger annual contribution to the programs of the organization.

1000 Club Spouse – $32
Spouse of a current 1000 Club, Century Club or Life Member.

Life – $3000 or $5000
Members who pay a lump sum to establish a lifetime membership.

Portland Chapter Booster – $18 per year
These members do not receive the Pacific Citizen, but do receive the Portland Chapter newsletter. All proceeds from Booster membership directly benefit the Portland Chapter.