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Photos Sought of JACLers and Community Allies Who Fought for Redress

Photos Sought of JACLers and Community Allies Who Fought for Redress

Portland JACL, Jim Tsujimura, Portland, Oregon, Asian American, Civil Rights

This year’s National Convention in Washington, DC,"Justice for All," will celebrate the 25th anniversaryof the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. It is this Act thatsaw the United States Government acknowledgethe World War II incarceration of 120,000 JapaneseAmericans with a presidential apology and monetaryredress.

The Legacy Luncheon on July 26, led by JACL’sNational Youth/Student Council (NYSC), will touchupon the success of the Redress Movement andprovide a prospective view of this historical movementas portrayed through the eyes of youth. The luncheonwill honor the legacy of young leadership duringthe Redress Movement, and how young leaderstoday are following in the footsteps of these activistswho continuously fought for the rights of JapaneseAmericans.

Portland JACL, Portland, Oregon, Asian American, Civil Rights

Plans include a slideshow of JACL members onthe chapter, district and national levels, as well ascommunity partners, who were critical to this uniquegrassroots effort. Redress required the participationof hundreds of "everyday" folks, whose assistancewas invaluable to the leaders and strategists of themovement.

To ensure JACL recognizes these "foot-soldiers" ofthe redress story, we are seeking photos of JACLchapter and district members and other allies whotook part in any capacity — whether it was testifyingbefore the CWRIC, visiting legislators’ offices, workingon a letter-writing campaign, attending meetings,making phonecalls, doing interviews, talking withand educating others, etc. Photos need not becontemporary, but may be of participants from their"younger" redress days.

Please email photos (color or black-and-white, 300dpi preferred) to Kristine Minami at: jacl.kristine@gmail.com. If you wish to submit hard copies,photos may be mailed to: Kristine Minami, c/o JACLWashington, DC Office, 1629 K. Street, NW, Suite400, Washington, DC 20006. It is requested that onlycopies be submitted, as photos cannot be returned.Please include the names of those pictured in thephoto, the date (or approximate date), and if it is ofa particular event or meeting, please so indicate.Photos are due by July 1, 2013.

If you should have any questions, you may contactKristine Minami or JACL regional directors StephanieNitahara (snitahara@jacl.org) or Patty Wada(pwada@jacl.org).

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