Scholarships, Directories, Calendars and More!

Scholarships, Directories, Calendars and More!

Portland JACL Newsletter: October 2012 Issue
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Message by:
Chip Larouche, Governor, Pacific Northwest District Council
Japanese American Citizens League

Scholarships, Directories, Calendars and More!

The Portland Nikkei Community Scholarships

Portland JACL November 2012

Well the school year has barely begun, but it’s time to start thinking about scholarships for our graduating seniors.  Why you might ask?  The reason is that the 66th Annual Japanese American Graduation Banquet will occur on Sunday May 5, 2013 where the Greater Portland Nikkei Community Scholarships will be awarded to the winning applicants.  October 15th is important because that is the day that applicants (or their parents) have to be a member of one of the eleven sponsoring organizations for those scholarships. 

So, if you have a graduating high school senior in 2013, head on over to the Portland JACL scholarship page and download a copy of the scholarship application that has all the details of eligibility printed on it.  On the same page, you can JOIN a student to Portland JACL for only $30 with a few clicks of your mouse.  That will not only qualify the student for the Community Scholarships, but also for the National JACL Scholarships that will be awarded next summer. 

Don’t forget!  You must be a member by October 15th, 2012.

Portland JACL  Scholorships


The Directories

Portland JACL directory

Hopefully you are pleased with the Nikkei Community Directory that you should have received in the mail in September.  This is a project that the Board has been working on for over two years, and we certainly appreciate your donations that help defray the production costs and help Portland JACL fund its projects dealing with Civil Rights Advocacy and Cultural Preservation and fun things too like the annual Nikkei Community Picnic at Oaks Park. 

Although we went to great pains to try to get the directory accurate, you can email me any corrections to chip (at) henrysakamotofamily.com/2JACL/ or call in corrections to our toll free number at 1.877.843.6914.  The other way is to put the correction into the return envelope that came with the directory.



The 2013 Portland JACL Calendar

Our next Portland JACL Board project is our annual calendar. 

portland jacl calendar

This year we’ve decided to have a military theme for the 12 pictures in the calendar. Of course, this idea was sparked by the great news that the actual Congressional Gold Medal awarded to the 100th Battalion, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service will go on tour around the country to seven cities, and Portland is one of those cities! 

Our goal for the calendar is to get photographs of all veterans, young and old, World War II veterans, Afghanistan War Veterans and all the wars and conflicts in between. 

If you have pictures that you’d like to loan to us for this project, you’ll need to act soon.  Connie Masuoka is collecting the pictures and you could bring them or mail them to her Dental Office at 6305 East Burnside, Portland, OR  97215 or if you have electronic pictures, you could send those to pdxjacl@hotmail.com

The deadline to receive the pictures will be November 7th so there’s only about a month to let us know if you have a picture that you’d like to offer for consideration for the 2013 Portland JACL Calendar.  Again our goal is to get pictures of veterans, young and old, who are part of the Greater Portland area.

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