The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Portland JACL Newsletter: July 2012 Issue
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Board Member Message by: Kirk Tambara

Portland JACL Mabel Boggs, Mabel Kikue Shoji BoggsThe story goes something like this for most of us. We go out into the world to find our way, do the best we can, and at the end of it all we hope that we were able to make a positive impact for our community and the lives of those we care about. We do this through our daily interactions, whether it is letting a stranger go in front of us at the supermarket or occasionally something much larger like donating a kidney to save someone”s life. Whether we give our time, talents, or treasures, most of us strive to make things better for our family, friends, and community. At the end of the day, we all want to have made a difference.

After your family and friends are taken care of, one meaningful way to make a difference is to set something aside for an organization or cause that you care about. Charitable giving plays an important role for organizations like Portland JACL as well as an estate plan. Philanthropy not only gives a great deal of personal satisfaction by supporting a cause that you care about, it can in some instances provide individuals and their estates with favorable tax treatment casino online as well.

Portland JACL Mabel Boggs, Mabel Kikue Shoji Boggs

One tax favored gifting strategy entails gifting highly appreciated stock positions to a charity. In this strategy, individuals can get the full market value of the position at the time the donation was made for a deduction instead of having to sell out of the position and pay taxes on the capital gains. Other strategies contain specific legal language put together by your estate planning attorney like a charitable lead/remainder trust. But while there are many ways to give, one easy method is simply naming the charity as a one of the beneficiaries in your will. However, before you consider a particular strategy, you should always consult with your Financial Advisor along with your legal and tax advisors.

The Portland chapter of JACL has been blessed over the years with an engaged and supportive membership. Whether it was a call to action to combat discrimination or support for our annual calendar, the community has always come through for us. Now as we enter the next phase of our existence, we have been blessed with a gift from one of our long time member, Mabel Boggs.

Mabel Kikue Shoji Boggs was born in Portland on August 3rd, 1920. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, she like many other Portlanders of Japanese American descent was forced to spend the war years at the Minidoka Internment Camp. After the war, Mabel returned and met her future husband, Monte Boggs. The couple lived in Philomath where they owned and operated a pump business as well as the family farm. Even though she passed away on July 10th, 2011, Mabel continues to show her support for many of our local Nikkei organizations.

Part of Mabel”s estate included a generous donation to Portland JACL. This donation will be used to continue the work that the chapter does on behalf of our community. Things like providing college scholarships to deserving local high school students, funding activities and educational opportunities for Unite People (Portland JACL youth group), providing support to groups like the Minidoka Swing Band, hosting the annual community picnic, and of course protecting the rights of Japanese Americans as well as the civil and human rights for all people.

We at Portland JACL are greatly humbled by this gift. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mabel and her family for their generosity and support over the years and pledge to be good stewards of this donation for years to come.

On behalf of Portland JACL, Domo Arigato Gozaimashita!

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