"Get Out the Vote in Georgia" letter writing party

"Get Out the Vote in Georgia" letter writing party

December 6, 2020

Help Portland JACL Get Out the Vote in Georgia!

Join the Portland JACL on Sunday, December 6 at 10:00 AM for a virtual “Get Out The Vote” letter writing party. Portland JACL will be joining the nationwide effort to encourage underrepresented voters in Georgia to cast a ballot in the upcoming Georgia run-off election.

You can join us by establishing an online account on votefwd.org. Even if you can’t join the virtual event on December 6, you can still participate by going to votefwd.org and adopting voters through one of their ‘social campaigns’.

Questions? Contact us at contact@pdxjacl.org.  If you need stamps and to RSVP, please complete the event sign-up form at https://tinyurl.com/GeorgiaGOTV

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