Thorns Match: Sugita-senshu Cheer Section (JASO Event)

Thorns Match: Sugita-senshu Cheer Section (JASO Event)

May 13, 2022

大変嬉しいことに、ポートランド・ソーンズFC (英語 : Portland Thorns FC) に、日本女子代表のミッドフィールドサッカー選手、杉田妃和さんが加わりました。そこで、杉田選手をサポートするために、一緒に応援しに行きませんか。

It’s so exciting to have a Japanese soccer superstar here in Oregon.

Please join JASO to celebrate together, creating a Sugita-senshu Cheer Section to support Japanese international soccer star Hina Sugita as she plays for the Portland Thorns. They're creating a Cheer Section for the home game at Providence Park on Friday May 13th, kick-off 7pm against the OL Reign (Seattle!).

You must register here and pay by 5pm Friday May 6th.  Please indicate if you'd like to sit with other JACL members or part of another group.

Your e-tickets will be sent to you the week of the game. No cancellations or refunds.

Providence Park
1844 SW Morrison St
Portland, OR 97205

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